la caisse du mouton
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

i like fooling around [ serious fooling ]

i thought about exercising, 'ya know - somethin'like jogging... then i remembered that's not my thrill. i didn't feel like reflecting. i was too lazy to leave the toillet so i just flushed my shit and sat there. suddenly i realised i haven't written my will yet. i wanna tell what to do when i'm gone. so, about my belongings: i don't give a damn.
but there's something i'd like to ask for: dress sexy at my funeral

if it won't be much trouble, could you get me a square coffin? 'ya know how much i rather be in that posicion. pull off the fucking cross someone may remember to stick on top of the lid and rip off all the lace and white satin. wrap me on my gran'ma's shawl and be sure to take my panties. leave me a bottle of whiskey, cigarettes (don't forget the lighter), chocolat ice-cream and the book you'll find between my sheets. you know which will be the requiem.
now, for something very important: don't you dare wearing your suit to my funeral! (it would be humiliating to me) the odds are that i'd rise and give you a punch in the nose. sooooo... dress sexy at my funeral. whisper quisera

yeah! this morning exercise was fun to do! now i'm ready to dress up for good friday and eat meat.

dress sexy at my funeral, smog

ok, d, também podes levar esta música
já sei que ias pedi-la anyway :P

I'm sandra aka margarete ~

Uma árvore é uma obra de arte quando recriada em si mesma como conceito para ser metáfora.

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