la caisse du mouton
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

from crudeness ripeness mellow and sanitive

there was a she. and a he. there was a wordly world. there were days by that day. there was a river. so there was water. there was a fish. so there was a bible. there was the bible. so there was evil. there was evil. so there was a magician. magic was life. life was shit. shit wasn't anything. so they had to turn around. or drown. she undied her pricked mind. 'cause she only wanted to drown in the end. she answered it's still not the end 'cause i say so. my sole possession every day I live. my end. then, it could. it can. it may. be.
Photography by Lilya Corneli
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Uma árvore é uma obra de arte quando recriada em si mesma como conceito para ser metáfora.

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